Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Window on Mount Zion

Title:  Window on Mount Zion

Author:  Pauline Rose

Pages:  148

Year:  3rd Edition 2016

Publisher:  Vine of David (

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

My interest in reading this book about Pauline Rose was that I was made aware of the history of the 6-Day War in Israel.  God gave Pauline and her husband Albert a desire to return to Israel from London for many reasons.  Before they embarked on their adventure Pauline was given a vision of planting a flourishing garden in the land where it was quite desolate.  While many obstacles came across their path they persevered in prayer and faith, and in God’s time it all came to be a reality.

As I read about this remarkable woman’s heart, faith and work to see a garden planted and flourishing, I was in awe of the One God of Israel.  These two people met many different guests and visitors to their home.  They welcomed, cared for and loved each person whether their beliefs were the same or not.  They lived under constant threat of being killed by a soldier or problems with the bureaucracy at that time regarding staying on Mount Zion.

I really pray and hope you take time to read and allow their testimony to touch your heart and re-ignite the fire for the One True God!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Promise of Breeze Hill (A Natchez Trace Novel)

Title:  The Promise of Breeze Hill (A Natchez Trace Novel)

Author:  Pam Hillman

Pages:  408

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

My rating is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

The year is 1791 and the place is Natchez Under-the-Hill.  Isabella Bartholomew finds herself in charge of the crops, the plantation, her recently widowed and pregnant sister-in-law, her injured father who is slowly recovering from burns suffered in a house fire as well as hiring a carpenter to repair the damage done to her home by a fire.  She has a good head for numbers and is talented at drawing up potential house plans, but when it comes to business she learns it is very much a man’s world.  Therefore, she enlists the help of her new carpenter, Connor O’Shea.  He has indentured himself to the Bartholomews in exchange for passage from Ireland to America for his four brothers.

Connor begins work on clearing debris left from the fire so he can begin rebuilding an entire wing of the plantation home.  He isn’t thrilled to be working for a woman, but keeps in mind his end goal of bringing his brothers to America.  They begin to work together and sparks fly.  Connor also discovers a dangerous group of men who are riding across Breeze Hill property at night.  Are they the ones responsible for Isabella’s brother’s murder?  He begins to wonder if the fire that destroyed a third of the home as well as some of their cotton crop was set on purpose.  Since the mourning period is almost over for Isabella in regards to her brother, suitors begin to come calling.  They all live nearby and have their eye on the many acres of Breeze Hill as well as the beautiful Isabella.  Connor has had a bad experience with a woman from the upper class before, so he is wary of his feelings for Isabella and her feelings for him.  Can he trust her not to break his heart?

I loved the setting of this story and could visualize the plantation home in my mind, the clothes worn and the crops in the fields.  The plot was predictable, but nonetheless a pleasure to read.  The chemistry between Connor and Isabella was believable and got me engaged in the story right away.  Isabella’s anger with God was realistic and her questions to Him valid.  Her sudden realization of her life from God’s perspective and His will was authentic as well as how she had been acting toward Him was a real “aha” moment for her.  I also liked Connor’s protectiveness toward Isabella.  I hope there are more books in the works in this series because I will definitely be reading them!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

HaYesod: The Foundation

Title:  HaYesod: The Foundation

Publisher:  First Fruits of Zion

Year:  2015


My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

The book is a 10-week in-depth Bible study about the Land, The People, and The Scriptures of Israel.  On the website, you may stream the videos for a minimal fee or purchase the DVDs of all 10 lessons.  What is the study all about?  Well, it helped me understand the land of Israel, the Jewish people and how understanding the Bible within the Jewish framework really expanded my knowledge of Jesus.

But that is not all this study did for me; it also helped me understand why I believe what I believe and areas in my belief system that needed correction.  For a while, I have been searching for more than just listening to sermons based on topics as I found that I remembered little to nothing shortly after church service was over.  Frankly, I was a frustrated Christian woman who loved Israel and longed to go deeper into the truth of the Word of God.

When searching on the internet for a study I could do at home at my own pace and that challenged me, by the grace of God I found First Fruits of Zion ministry.  Their loving approach to teaching people truth without judgment really impacted me.  The study takes time as a video lasts a little over an hour and the study material can take an additional 45 minutes or a little longer, depending on each person.

I highly recommend that people check out this ministry and commit to studying HaYesod.  I’ve been transformed in my heart, challenged and left desiring more food from God’s Word than I have in a long time.  My heart will never be the same as I continue to seek God, understanding and what He would have me do with what He has shown me.  If you are looking for a challenge, or wanting to go deeper into God’s Word and experience a renewed joy of drawing near to God, please consider looking and doing the Bible study HaYesod!