The Empowered (A Trevor Black Novel)

Title:The Empowered (A Trevor Black Novel)
Author: Trevor Black
Pages: 464
Year: 2018
Publisher: Tyndale
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
After reading book one titled, The Occupied, I really wasn’t sure how the author could make a sequel more thrilling, but he accomplished that and more!The Empowered is a spine-tingling tale of the continuing encounters between Trevor Black and the unseen spiritual realm.Beginning with the prologue and throughout the book, never is there a dull moment for readers.
The Empowered has cranked up the level of Trevor’s encounters with demons in the here and now along with showing the need for knowledge and tons of prayer on Trevor’s part.Trevor makes a decision to keep being open to the calling God has given him to help others understand what he sees as being real and not something to play with or quickly dismiss.
In the sequel, a lot of the action takes place in New Orleans.Trevor has a tough job trying to find the killer and the leader who is using dark spirits t…

The Occupied (A Trevor Black Novel)

Title:The Occupied (A Trevor Black Novel)
Author: Craig Parshall
Pages: 448
Year: 2016
Publisher: Tyndale
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
Before reading the recently released sequel, The Empowered, I needed to reread what occurred to the characters and plot line in book one.I am really glad that I did because I had forgotten what a well written story this is!The main character is Trevor Black whose life has been realigned after falling apart as consequences from choices made by himself and other minor characters.
While there are times when Trevor sees demons, and experiences their power or sees how they possess people, that isn’t all there is to the book. Trevor is a disbarred lawyer who tries to explain to a judge why he can’t represent a client because he sees a demon while visiting the client.He is on a journey that actually started in his childhood.I think the author paints a good picture of how what happens when we choose to open ourselves to the spiritual realm when one isn’t careful what …

Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations

Title:Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations
Author: David Rudolph & Joel Willitts
Pages: 336
Year: 2013
Publisher: Zondervan
My rating 4 out of 5 stars.
The book holds essays that cover a variety of topics with all of them of short duration, making for easy reading and conversations with others.I was looking for a book that would help me understand Messianic Judaism without being bogged down with academic terminology or linguistic studies, though those have their place.
Understanding Messianic Jewish thought and life is a tough undertaking when one sees the host of books written and various conclusions of authors.The best part of the essays for the most part is the helpful introduction into a people with a long history and deep roots.There were essays that were very insightful, some that I frankly had no clue what they were putting forth and others that were frankly empty.
I do think this book would help anyone seeking to understand with a good …

Amish Sweethearts

Title:Amish Sweethearts (4 Amish Novellas)
Author: Amy Clipston
Pages: 432
Year: 2018
Publisher: Zondervan
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
Amy Clipston is just one of my favorite Amish authors because her stories are so well written that I feel as though I am there viewing the action as it occurs.The four novellas in the book are titled, “A Home for Lindsay”, “Love and Buggy Rides”, “Where the Heart Is”, and “Love Birds”. Before each story there is a small family tree to help readers understand where the characters are in the bigger picture of family.
There is, of course, romance but also action, intrigue, wonder and delight as each unique tale comes to life in the mind of the reader. I am not able to point to one being my favorite over the others because each one is special and shows a particular theme the author is highlighting.One of the tale’s theme was forgiveness and showed just how difficult in can be sometimes to believe we are forgiven by God and/or others we may have wronged.
The book d…

Across the Blue

Title:Across the Blue
Author: Carrie Turansky
Pages: 352
Year: Feb 2018
Publisher: Multnomah
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
The time frame is early 1900s, a time when the life of a young woman was under the direction of her parents.Young women would attend parties and balls with the hopes of meeting their future mates.Of course, the hope was the man would be of status and renown.When I started reading Across the Blue, I quickly became entranced with the main family in the novel, the Graysons.The father was prominent as his three newspaper enterprises grew, which took the family from struggling to high social status and financial security.However, it also put pressure of different kinds on the wife and the two daughters.
Isabella is the first born with a desire to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a journalist, which at the time was unheard of.Her father and Isabella also share a love for aviation, which was just starting to come onto the scene.With financial help from the Grayson fami…

Isaiah’s Daughter (A Novel of Prophets & Kings)

Title:Isaiah’s Daughter (A Novel of Prophets & Kings)
Author: Mesu Andrews
Pages: 400
Year: 2018
Publisher: WaterBrook
My rating 5+ out of 5.
Mesu Andrews shares with her audience a brilliant woven tapestry of a story of the prophet Isaiah, his family and the kings that ruled Judah at a time when life was precarious.Hezekiah is a young prince when the tale begins, his father King Ahaz known in the Bible as a wicked king sacrifices Hezekiah’s older brother to a false god.Hezekiah is in shock and no one seems to be able to bring the young man out of his catatonic state.In a desperate move, the queen brings him to the prophet’s house in the hopes someone can help, and God uses a young girl who is just as broken as Hezekiah.
As time progresses, we watch as Hezekiah grows up along side the young girl known as Ishma, which means “desolation” as they sit under the tutelage of Isaiah along with other members of nobility.The story told in the book while a novelization is captivating, heart wrench…

The Fix

Title:The Fix (Memory Man #3)
Author: David Baldacci
Pages: 480
Year: 2017
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
Amos Decker is a man whose mind works like no one else’s; he can and does remember everything, but that’s not all.Readers can first meet this unique man in book one titled, Memory Man followed by the sequel The Last Mile.Now with The Fix, readers who love the mystery and trying to figure out what Amos Decker is involved with definitely lose sleep!Also, before I share more know that in April 2018 Amos Decker will make his next appearance in the novel, The Fallen, so catch up before it comes out!
David Baldacci has written a very intense story that quite literally starts with a bang! From there, the tension only rises in the book along with a host of other characters that are trying to unravel a possible spy ring that has existed for decades.But who is a part of the spy ring?Is it someone inside the many government agencies or is it someone who has contract…